RedCloud believes that technology can universally change the way in which financial services can be accessed by the new digital economy


We are the thought leaders behind the evolution of the use of the mobile to enable anyone with a handset to use finance easily, safely at low cost.


RedCloud, the future enterprise leader in the world’s mobile market, offers low risk, fast results and new revenue streams for increased banking profitability.


Our open architecture and mobile technology platform provides best-of-breed solutions delivering new profitability streams to our banking customers with interoperability at its best. Designed to deliver fast and easy deployment of leading mobile solutions companies can maximise existing technology investments and better support their mobile customer needs.

Founded 5 years ago and originally named ICENI renowned for its involvement in M-PESA, the world’s most successful mobile money service delivering thousands of transactions daily to some 9 million people in Kenya, Africa.

Our vision has been to transform enterprise software for the banking community. With over £10,000,000 investment we have pioneered the shift with mobile enterprise cloud computing and continue to move the industry forward with technology that leverage the trends shaping our world-cloud, social, mobile, big data, software, community and trust.


RedCloud Enterprise

The convergence of these powerful revolutions introduces incredible opportunities for new and improved ways of connectivity for companies with their customers, employees, and partners – to become customer companies. And so has evolved our next generation platform RedCloud Enterprise, offering financial institutions the power to create deeper connections with their customers and deliver faster and better ways in which to manage financial services such as mobile and e-commerce.

The foundation in what we believe is to continue to invest and deliver reliable, secure and easily manageable mobile solutions; all critical requirements to financial institutions building their businesses in some of the most demanding markets in the world.