Our Platform – Your Vision


The RedCloud 1™ second generation platform allows financial institutions to deliver mobile money services at a fraction of the cost of operating a traditional branch network.Today, customers want faster, more responsive service across every banking and financial service outlet, from their mobile handset to the merchant outlet. RedCloud™ enables our customers to deliver it all. It’s the ultimate flexible and scalable platform for M-Commerce with everything in one package to ensure you find and keep new customers, by delivering mobile money, bill payments, rewards programmes and other value added services.

Our technology is so customisable and effective that it will make your agents even more productive. What’s even better is there is no need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware or software because, if you chose, it can all be within the cloud so everyone has easy access your services using an Internet connection or mobile handset.

RedCloud are committed to building and developing new mobile networks that deliver financial services to the next billion: the developed and unbanked world. All those who are unable to obtain banking due to a number of factors that leave households with only informal financial tools. Financial exclusion is fundamentally a distribution problem and a market opportunity.Essentially RedCloud is empowering financial institutions to offer mobile financial services, at a fraction of the cost of operating a traditional branch network. And to serve developed world customers where the mobile users are creating the demand for M-Commerce.


RedCloud Enterprise


The convergence of these powerful revolutions introduces incredible opportunities for new and improved ways of connectivity for companies with their customers, employees, and partners – to become customer companies. And so has evolved our next generation platform RedCloud Enterprise, offering banking companies the power to create deeper connections with their customers and deliver faster and better ways in which to manage financial services such as mobile and e-commerce.

The foundation in what we believe is to continue to invest and deliver reliable, secure and easily manageable mobile solutions; all critical requirements to companies who are building their businesses in some of the most demanding markets in the world.

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