Help your agents sell your services easily and effectively


Have a dedicated solution to efficiently serve your customers anywhere, via any agent & Mobile Network Operator (MNO).


Business critical data is centralised in a powerful analytic solution which will help you to develop a deep understanding of your market. This will enable financial institutions to develop a mobile finance strategy to support your business objectives. Early adopters of M-Finance agent management solutions are reporting successful results with increased customer loyalty and important new revenue streams.

Agent Manager edition includes

·         Web and mobile interface for the agents

·         KYC tool for customer and agent registration

·         Float management facilities

·         Back office float management integration (eg. inventory)

·         Activity analysis based on geographical location

·         Statistics and agent reporting  (eg. customers, transactions & performance)

·         Training kit


Agent Manager works across all mobile handsets enabling both underdeveloped and advancing communities to transition into the new finance digital world.


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