Mobile Finance Adapted for Your Business


You can strengthen customer loyalty and deepen your relationships by taking advantage of our active analytic solutions.


Together our analytic suite  can help you leverage actionable insights and drive dynamic, mobile marketing campaigns and targeted offers based on unique customer behaviour and transactional data. Gain a much more complete understanding of your customers —what makes them tick, what and where they buy, how they prefer to shop, why they switch, and wouldn’t it be helpful if you understood the factors that lead customers to recommend a company to others.  All these insights are  strategic for virtually every company in today’s digital world.

List of features

  • KYC advanced
  • Send / receive money
  • Deposit / withdraw cash at agent
  • Deposit / withdraw cash at ATM
  • Agent management advanced
  • Back office administration
  • Pay bills advanced
  • Salary payment
  • Government payment
  • Merchant payment and advanced analytics service


With flexible customisation and by integrating the active analytic app into your business you will soon benefit with customer loyalty as customers genuinely become more sticky to your banking services. You can chose from the Mobile Cloud and Service Cloud which provides many unique features of our platform, such as: workflow and approvals, ability to automate business processes, create complex sales territories, interact with partners, access additional applications, and integrate with other key system by using our ETAPI.

RedCloud Mid-Market Edition provides agent management access for up to five users and can be up and ready for use within weeks.


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